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Friday, December 11, 2009

Very busy Day, help!

This day pretty much started out like every other day, except Rick went to work extra early. But ended being very fast paced and kinda stressful. (there I fit him in, he he he) Well after breakfast and starting up the internet again Rick called to invite me to lunch with his parents since they were in town for a doc appt. I took a shower and put Everett in the car. We actually got there a little early, I think. As I drove to the turn I saw them all getting out of their cars, so I guess figuratively speaking I wasn't. Well it was a really good lunch date and ended up with a bag full of oranges. Well to make a very long day short I caught a stray kitten, ( very tricky ordeal, btw) took her to the animal shelter after I tried at one place all the way across town. Made some cheesy potatoes for our ward Christmas party. Everett got scared of Santa. Santa got scared of Everett.

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