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Friday, December 11, 2009

2nd Day Blog

Ya I know what you’re thinking, “Can’t she think of a better name for her post?” When in fact I can and I have but chose to leave it at that because it transitions the main thought I have today. After getting a couple comments from two fellow bloggers I felt so proud of myself and thought “wow I can do this and I do real good too.” I don’t want to jinx myself and ruin it now so I’ll try and stay with the spontaneity I had then. I also have a few questions for all you that are more experienced at this than me. First, what does “blog” mean? I can’t spell check it (unless I change blogger to booger) nor do I understand everything about it.  Is it short of another word or someone just made it up? If so does anyone know who that someone is? Second, as I mentioned before I don’t want to divulge my personal life for all to see so I need to know how to keep my info to a minimum or private my blog, any suggestions? Lastly, I heard that you can make money somehow this way and I am for sure interested in that, how? These are just questions I’ve had about this kind of thing and I know I will find out one way or the other. 
Everett surprised me today. He now knows how to open doors. Well atleast his door. After I rearranged his room I rested on the bed while he was twiddling with the door. Then before I knew it the door was opened. Gasping I jump up and praise him for learning a new thing then make sure the bathroom door is closed. 
It seams like the most time I have to write my blog each day is during the day so that usually leaves Rick out of it unless I remember something about him from the night before or there is something significant happening with him (which is rare but good). I really would like some idea’s on how to involve him in this because considering my blog name he should be? 


  1. This post was made Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 but internet was down until today.

  2. John isn't in a lot of my posts either, I write it as a journal and he can read it, when Donnovan is visiting his dad he likes looking at it as well. I will blog all kinds of things, report cards, activites, random thoughts, anything. Make it your own and you can block it so not all see it. YOu have to invite people to read it. That is what I have on my. It is looking good!!!