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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Everett is a big boy now in a big bed

He did it all on his own! Just like every milestone in his life up to now he has initiated change. I never before becoming a mother imagined I'd have a child like Everett. He is so much smarter and spiritually mature than most babies/toddlers his age.
So today it all started with this crazy guy literally flipping himself out of his pack N play then climbing back in and flipping himself back in it. You can guess that by nap time it would be tricky getting to sleep. Well it was. He didn't even take his nap until after 2pm. Usually it's no later than 1pm. Tried to put him in his bed like usual and keeping the routine but to no avail. I was completely pooped myself and was laying in the twin bed trying to rest so I asked Rick to take him for a ride. That always works once he's tired enough. I told Rick to come back no earlier than an hour so I can get some rest maybe a nap. Although just like husbands are he didn't heed wife's desire and came home 40 minutes later carrying a cranky toddler through the door. I hadn't got my walk in yet and since it was raining we drove to the mall. Everett fell asleep almost immediately after we left the mall about 6pm so I planned on putting him strait in his bed. Not, that didn't work, he woke up again while I rocked him thinking he was sleeping. Then I brought him out to feed his something and we watched Anger Management for a while. About 8pm we put him in his bed said love yous and shut the door. After a while I didn't hear rustling anymore and it was quiet. Funny thing was that just before I walked in the room Rick and I were talking about how we would get him to sleep and stay in the bigger twin bed. LMHO I just had to capture that on camera. Too bad I didn't take a picture of the big mess he made in the entire room before I picked it up. He ripped out all the wipes from the dispenser, through the pad and separated the cover on the floor wet his pillow with the wipes and had his blanket and animals scattered on the floor. The changing pad was in the door way stopping it from opening all the way. What really turns out is that his mother is the dumb one. If I would have heeded to his needs he would have been an angel.

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