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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The doc called me this morning (Tuesday May 22nd) with my blood test results. They came back with indication of allergy's. So that made sense and I was trying to figure out what I am allergic to all day. Until the doc called again about 6pm and told me that he got back my stool sample test results and it came back positive for C-Dip but a very mild form of it. That was refreshing to finally know all that but now I should go on antibiotics to kill off the intestinal infection. Since I don't have insurance I need to figure out which pharmacy is the cheapest for this prescription. The doc said he wrote it already and it's waiting at the front desk for me to pick up. I think Rick might pick it up tomorrow if nothing changes. It's weird though because today I am feeling better and have not had much indigestion or stomach upset or anything. So I'm pretty hesitant to get this prescription for two reasons. One, I feel better and two the doc said the most common way of getting this infection is after taking antibiotics. Weird huh? That's what I think. Plus he also said that it might be able to be treated with diet. I think that the luric acid in the coconut oil is really helping like it should in killing the bacteria. It sure is working for my finger without prescription or over the counter meds! Also I started back on my probiotics pill today and hopefully that will help too. I think I've got it covered and will continue to monitor my progress in health through this natural healing process. Oh I also think I should start taking dandelion tea again because that helps with my gallbladder function. For some reason all this gets me excited and hopeful for myself. I'm so glad I got that blessing from Rick and our home teacher Bro Lohmeyer last Monday.  I have this strong feeling that Heavenly Father has His hands in on this for me or at least I have faith that he does.  I really don't know why in this case other than He knows how important it is for me to find other ways besides chemicals and doctors practices to heal my body. I mean He knows best, right? So I'm trusting in Him to heal me. I really believe it's working and is THE best way about it. I'm finding this to be true more and more in my life. I am so looking forward to knowing more and more of His way of natural healing as I grow older. It's so excited!!!

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