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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Okay so this is my second week taking 1200mg of DCI and also almost the end of 2 weeks of the most energy I have had in quite a long time. So this has made it possible for me to exercise as much as I want or have time to. Last week the weather was nice and fair so I took a walk around the block with the kids in the double stroller everyday. Also on Saturday we as a family went hiking up at Wind Wolves Preserve for 3+ hours. This week since Monday I have gone to the gym and walked on the treadmill for at least an hour as soon as Rick got home from work everyday. Today I went in the morning before he had to leave for work. Also I'm planning on going after he gets home from work with or without the whole fam. Since Dec I have lost a total of 15 pounds while taking DCI for my PCOS. These past two weeks I have not had any unhealthy cravings of carbs or sugar either. Actually when I eat too much carbs or sugar I feel crappy. I'm so excited to continue on this adventure to losing weight and to seeing myself at a healthy weight. The lowest weight that I have been in my adult frame has been around 210-215. That's roughly 100lbs from now but I feel it's totally possible. To be at a healthy BMI technically I need to be about 175 or less. I don't really see myself at that but it's still possible I guess. I've learned from the biggest loser people that it is achievable even for someone like me that is so overweight. At the moment though my goal is to get to 5% of my body weight and then asses from there what I can do different to lose another 5% and so on and so on. I am focused on only 5% at a time so I don't get overwhelmed by the bigger number. Although I am excited about that big weight loss I am trying not to focus on it as what I need to get myself at. I would love to even get down to 245 as I was when first married and stay at that for a while. I still have my clothes from that time and would love to be happy with that for a while. We shall see how things pan out at that time because I might still be motivated to lose more. At this point I would like to get off all this extra so that I can do more intense exercises at the gym. Thank God for motivation and the ability in me to do this!!!

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